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Industrias Vijusa is Born

Industrias Vijusa was born in 1981 in the city of Valencia lead by two brothers, Juan Carlos and Vicente who, at the start, succeeded in entering the cleaning market with their range of detergents, trying to fill a gap in the Industrial Hygiene market in the city of Valencia. They initially focused in the manufacturing and marketing of chemical products for cleaning and disinfection in the hotel and restaurant sectors.



New headquarters at the Port

Due to the great demand for detergent products, Vijusa moved to larger warehouses near the area of the port of Valencia so as to be able to provide better service and have greater coverage for their distributor network, which was expanding throughout Spain.


Vijusa Caribbean

Business relations were established with Venezuela, forming a partnership for the distribution of our products. A chemical plant was built for manufacturing in the city of Barquisimeto. Vijusa Caribbean is created.


Vijusa Portugal and Mexico

A company was created in Portugal as we wanted to meet the needs in our neighboring country, thus creating Vijusa Portugal. Vijusa is created that same year in Mexico where the construction of a chemical plant is begun due to the need detected in Latin America; with time, we have started distributing to more countries from Vijusa Mexico.



Vijusa Brazil

Vijusa creates Vijusa Brazil; it is the moment of the company’s greatest expansion abroad. In that same year, thanks to the expansion policy adopted by the company, a distributor network is established in Greece to give coverage throughout the country.


Vijusa UK

The company enters the United Kingdom market with a distributor in the Birmingham area.


New facilities in Cheste

Vijusa moves to its facilities in Cheste, with more than 8,000 m2 available for developing its activity.




Vijusa Cuba and Vijusa Guatemala

Contact is established with a Cuban-Spanish company through which we start providing service to the entire country and subsequently installing ourselves. That year, through its subsidiary in Mexico, the company also created a strong distributor in Guatemala so as to be able to introduce ourselves throughout Central America, which resulted in a sudden expansion of the company thanks to Vijusa Centroamérica.


Vijusa France

Creation of a new distributor in France, and our laundry division begins establishing facilities in France.


Vijusa Honduras and Vijusa El Salvador

Two new distributors cover the Central American area of Honduras and El Salvador.




Vijusa Belgium

A distributor is established in Belgium for introducing the company throughout the territory


Vijusa 25th Anniversary

Vijusa celebrates its 25th anniversary in the city of Valencia, along with all its international partners and more than 100 distributors who come to this event. This year Vijusa invited its 25 best distributors to a trip to the Caribbean.


Vijusa Costa Rica

Creation of a new distributor in Costa Rica.


Vijusa Baltic

Contact is made with a distributor in Lithuania for the marketing of our detergents, becoming Vijusa Baltic over time.


Vijusa Panamá and Vijusa China

The distribution of chemical products is established in Panama for the entire area. The first export to China is carried out, where the brand is introduced in the Asian country with the help of a local partner.


Vijusa Belarus

Creation of a company in Belarus (VIJUSA BEL) to manufacture and market Vijusa products throughout the Eastern European and Russian market.




Vijusa USA and Vijusa Uruguay

VIJUSA USA is established in Colton, CA (USA). A marketer of our products is established in Uruguay, with headquarters at the WTC offices in Montevideo.

Vijusa Argelia

Agreement between Vijusa and an Algerian company for the manufacture of household cleaning products through concentrates and formulations of Vijusa.


Vijusa Argentina

VIJUSA ARGENTINA INDUSTRIAL, addition to Vijusa’s extensive distribution network, with a manufacturing plant in Quilmes, province of Buenos Aires.

Change in Mexico

Change of Management in the company. Vijusa continues to produce its products through IVM Especialidades Químicas (Industrias Vijusa of Mexico), who owns the use license of the VIJUSA brand and has the permission and all the technical and sales support from the parent company, Industrias Vijusa, S.L..

Vijusa Guatemala

A factory is created to produce from concentrates sent by Spain, finished products under the license of the parent company and to supply all the countries of Central America.


Vijusa Rumanía

The company expands its horizons in Romania through a distributor in this country.


Vijusa Líbano

We started commercial relations with Lebanon, consolidating our positioning through a distributor with a strong position in the country.


Vijusa Polonia

We begin distributing our products in Poland through a distributor.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]