About Vijusa

At Industrias Vijusa we are specialists in the manufacture of industrial cleaning products.

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Our mission

Offer innovative and highly effective professional hygiene solutions to create a healthier world, with commitment, awareness and shared responsibility.

Our vision

To be a leading supplier in professional hygiene, with commitment, closeness and international character, offering a global solution in innovative and environmentally friendly products and services.

Know our history

Learn about our historyIndustrias Vijusa was born in 1981 in Valencia (Spain), with the initiative of covering certain needs that existed in the market due to the lack of professional products for cleaning and hygiene.

At Industrias Vijusa we are specialists in the manufacturing of industrial cleaning products. In each of our 25 locations throughout the world we have implemented an exhaustive quality system, which guarantees that all our products that leave our factories reach the hands of our customers with the highest possible quality.

We develop personalized hygiene plans to meet the specific requirements of our clients and we offer, at all times, an accurate response through the most complete catalog of references to satisfy the demand of the national market, as well as the most demanding and competitive international markets.

Our parent company, Industrias Vijusa, is strategically located in Cheste, where we have a large and modern production plant in which we use cutting-edge raw materials. Likewise, we have a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals committed to our strong focus on continuous improvement and, thanks to this, we have been worthy of the best guarantee: the trust and loyalty of our clients.

Our purpose

Our reason for existing is to CREATE A HEALTHIER WORLD and transmit the CULTURE OF HYGIENE.

We are Hygiene advisors, we are part of an ecosystem that provides health to people.

We work to anticipate future problems and detect new trends in hygiene that improve the efficiency of our clients’ cleaning and disinfection processes.

Innovation R&D

Thanks to all the professionals who make up our R&D department, day after day we improve our products and make them more efficient.

In addition, we are constantly researching and creating industrial cleaning products, which will make it easier for our clients to maintain their businesses. Thanks to the help of our customers, and their ratings and opinions of our products, we manage to improve them to offer a more complete and functional product.

Efficient logistics through optimized processes

Our facilities have been custom designed to offer an unbeatable service, characterized by efficiency and punctuality. We have developed a coded storage system to make searching for the references requested in each order as quick as possible. In this way, the preparation and dispatch of the merchandise is carried out as quickly as possible, guaranteeing delivery in optimal conditions and within the agreed deadlines.

Immediate response to theneeds of our clients

Likewise, we are aware that our clients need a trusted partner that allows them to achieve the greatest productivity and profitability in their business. For this reason, we rely on the work of our extensive network of distributors to be aware of the market's concerns and, thus, from our different departments, be able to provide effective solutions through close and comprehensive advice from our professionals.

Personalized hygiene plans

Specialists in hygiene plans

At Vijusa we are also specialists in creating personalized hygiene plans for each of our clients, as long as they are necessary, after a prior meeting with them. Our entire team takes great care of the human factor, knowing that it is the key to success for any business to see the light. We carefully choose the industrial cleaning products necessary for each case.

We care about sustainability

In the continuous search to improve the quality of life of our consumers and clients, we assume the commitment to use raw materials in accordance with the environment, systematically innovating from our R&D department.

Product divisions


We work by and for our clients. One of the sectors in which Industrias Vijusa has a greater role is in the HORECA sector (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering). For this type of business, we have a wide range of product categories, such as degreasers, air fresheners, cleaners, floor treatments... among others.

Vijusa has more than 20 years of experience in washing textiles, which is why the LAUNDRY is one of the pillars of the company, which is supported by the Ecodoser Laundry system, which allows the washing process to be monitored remotely. One of the new features from Vijusa is the Oxysafe System and Doser Wet system.

VIJUSA cares about the FOOD INDUSTRY, with many years of experience in HACCP programs. Through its modern platform www.planesdehigiene.es, Vijusa has personnel specialized in advice and internal audits in the Food Industry. Consult our team of professionals to make the cleaning and disinfection process profitable, achieving effective results. Minimizing time with efficient use of product and dosage is the desired result of our work team. We have the widest catalog of products.

About us

Vijusa, supplier of industrial cleaning products