About Us

Industries Vijusa was born in 1981 in Valencia (Spain), with the initiative to cover certain needs that existed on the market of professional products for the cleanliness and hygiene

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The Hygiene Culture

We use technology and raw materials of last generation that joined expert professionals, technology and commercial, develop products, programs of work, plans of hygiene, marketing ...

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Hygiene Plans

In Vijusa we elaborate Plans of Hygiene personalized to the needs of our clients

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In our constant quest to improve the quality of life of our clients and consumers we are committed to use raw materials that respect the enviroment, undertaking systematic innovation in our I+D department

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30 years growing. 30 years committed to the environment. 30 years working for you

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Get the latest news from our company and give us feedback on social networks.

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Thanks to all those who take part by some means or another of our work, our company, our family... Thank you for being a part of 35 years of History.

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