Liquid product with great degreasing power, especially formulated to act at the same time as a lime sequestrant. The product presents in its composition, active matter that removes debris present in water hardness. Read More

Constant Quality

We apply tighter controls to guarantee best quality in our products

Innovation Continues

A specialized R&D team works everyday to create new and better products for you

Hygiene Plans

In Vijusa we elaborate Plans of Hygiene personalized to the needs of our clients of agreement with the procedure of the European Board

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Technical Service

Vijusa has a technical department which covers the 3 departments of the company: Institutional, Laundry and Food Industry.


Vijusa is present in 25 countries through factories and an extended distributor network.

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Training and Formation

During the last 25 years, Vijusa has trained and trains its distributors and sales members in order to instil a better knowledge of the product.

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